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Hello, and thanks for visiting our site! I've been involved in the concrete, construction, recycling, and trucking industries for over 40 years. I was raised right here in Colorado, but I've worked all over the country. I moved back to Colorado in 2008 to be close to my Dad, and help take care of him in his final years fighting Alzheimer's. I enjoy spending time with my Mom and the rest of the family - and Loki (my Dog)! In business, I'm adamant about providing the best quality service available, in a friendly manner - the same way I would want myself or my family to be treated. I believe in getting what you pay for, and strive to give the absolute best customer service possible. I personally will answer any questions you might have concerning your project. 

We operate 7 Days a Week, from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm


12 Yard Dumpsters:  12 Ton Weight Limit - Recycle  $225.00 Flat Rate / $200.00 Multiple Loads - 2 Day Rental 

    CLEAN Concrete & Asphalt - Demolition Rubble    * If there is metal in the concrete, additional $100.00 *

*CLEAN Concrete: A Little Clean Dirt is Acceptable - NO Wire Mesh, Rebar, Metal, Brick, Wood, Sod, Paper, Plastic, or Any Other Trash Material

*CLEAN Asphalt: 10% Road Base/Dirt is Acceptable -

NO Concrete, Wood, Sod, or Other Trash Material  

20 Yard Dumpsters:  5 Ton Weight Limit - Debris

$190.00 Flat Rate + $36.00 Per Ton - 8 Day Rental

$165.00 Flat Rate + $36.00 Per Ton4 Day Rental

Shingles, Construction Debris, Household Debris, Yard Waste Removal, Home & Estate Clean Outs / Move Outs...

30 Yard Dumpsters:  7 Ton Weight Limit - Debris

$200.00 Flat Rate + $36.00 Per Ton - 8 Day Rental

$175.00 Flat Rate + $36.00 Per Ton - 4 Day Rental 

Shingles, Construction Debris, Storm Clean-Up, Household Debris, Yard Waste Removal, Home & Estate Clean Outs / Move Outs...


We don't charge you depending on what size the dumpster is (12 yard, 20 yard, 30 yard, etc.) - we have a  flat rate plus per ton charge. That way you only pay for the actual weight of what you dispose of, not some predetermined amount you might not come close to needing for your project. Our 20 Yard Dumpsters have a higher weight limit of 5 tons, rather than the normal limit of 3 to 4 tons.  This higher weight limit is what you usually find when renting 30 yard and larger dumpsters. We don't allow concrete, asphalt, rocks, and dirt in our 20 Yard Dumpsters - our 12 Yard Dumpsters are for those materials. Be aware that when you use our 12 Yard Dumpsters for these materials, & they are NOT "CLEAN" (see description above) , you will be charged the applicable Flat Rate and $36.00 Per Ton fee (see 20 Yard Dumpsters), not the Recycle Flat Rates of $225 or $200 that are listed above.

*Plan your project accordingly, as this can get expensive*

              1 Cubic Yard of Dry Concrete or Dirt Weighs                                                Approximately 1 Ton

*** We do require a $350.00 Deposit on the 20 Yard Dumpster rentals (and 12 Yard Dumpster rentals when not used for clean recyclable materials) - $425.00 Deposit on the 30 Yard Dumpster. The Flat Rate and Per Ton Dump Fee will total less than the deposit on a lot of projects, and the amount covering the difference will immediately be issued/refunded along with a copy of the dumping ticket. And subsequently, if the $350.00 / $425.00 deposit doesn't cover the entire Flat Rate and Per Ton Dump Fee, then the total sum owed (difference between the deposit and actual dumping costs) shall immediately be remitted/paid to HUGH-HAUL. This might seem like a less than efficient way of being charged for your rental, and it definitely is not as simple as just charging you a flat rate depending on the dumpster size you use. As stated earlier though, our goal for using this unique payment system is for you to only be charged for the amount of material you are ACTUALLY disposing - NOTHING MORE!                 We also offer multiple load discounts!                                           

The 12 Yard Dumpster Flat Rates for Recyclable "CLEAN" Concrete / Asphalt - $225 or $200 - are due upon dropping off the dumpster, as are is the aforementioned applicable $350 / $425 Deposits.



*Debris must be level with, or under the top edge of the           Container in order to meet safety requirements

We also will provide you with a HUGH-HAUL Dumpster               Terms and Conditions when you rent from us.


Inquire about our CAT Skid Steer Services for your various projects: Concrete Removal, Lot Clearing, Storm Clean Up, Material Placement... 

If you need something hauled or delivered for your business - equipment, materials, debris, etc. - give us a call. We also have a flatbed for our truck, and a 24 Ton air brake trailer, which offers multiple options depending on the load. Also depending on what the load is, because of our Hook Lift System, a fork lift might not even be needed at the delivery site! Do you want to use recycled materials for your driveway restoration project, home rehab project - something else? Get a hold of us for information and a free quote - our prices for recycled material can't be beat!                                                                                                Give Us A Call! 

Thank you for your interest in our services, and have a great day - Hugh